Glass radiators

Transparent glass for heating and furnishing

*price refers to model 5660421000 (600x400)


the only transparent glass radiator


easy to install, heats the room in just a few minutes with no servicing required


wall mounted or free-standing, an innovative slim panel radiators for all environments


silent and safe,
the radiators are certified

*price refers to model 5660421000 (600x400)

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Thermoglance Radiators

The transparent glass for heating and furnishing

The most symbolic and best furnished spaces can be heated with elegant glass radiators, whose transparent quality and physical appearance will improve the aesthetics of the rooms where they are installed.

Thermoglance works by irradiation, i.e. through infrared rays that heat objects and surfaces without affecting the atmosphere. Thanks to the relatively low temperature of the heat-treated, laminated glass sheets, this allows the heat to be distributed evenly, enabling near 100% efficiency.

Schema tecnico
electric towel radiator
Transparent Glass radiators Thermoglance is a trademark of Asola Vetro, an Italian company operating in the basic flat glass processing industry and specialised in the sale and distribution of designer radiators, infrared radiators, bathroom radiators, heated towel rails and related accessories.

Thermoglance offers electric heating by means of a sheet of glass that heats the room. These alternative heating systems are characterised by an elegant design that is suitable for anywhere.
design glass radiator
electric glass radiators
glass radiator for bathroom

Install Thermoglance

in any room
of your home

Our glass radiators can meet all your needs and can be installed anywhere, from the living area to the bedrooms, and in the bathroom, too. They are also perfect for offices and exhibition areas


8 reasons to choose glass radiators


Glass, electricity, high efficiency: all these aspects make Thermoglance stand out as an ecological, energy-saving product.

Design and transparent quality

Thanks to its transparent quality and compact design, Thermoglance fits in perfectly in both modern and classic surroundings and in areas where precious tactile surfaces need enhancing.

Hygienic and convenient

Flat surfaces are the easiest to clean. What is more, convection currents are minimised, meaning that dust and resulting allergies are almost eliminated.


Thermoglance has passed all the tests and obtained certificates from the most important Bodies, confirming that the product is completely safe and that it fully complies with the regulations.

Easy to manage

Just turn on the Thermoglance at any time for as much heat as you want. No servicing is required and there are no complications.

Utmost versatility

Free-standing or wall mounted with elegant brackets, Thermoglance can meet all your needs, taking up the smallest possible amount of space, and can also become a practical heated towel rail for the bathroom.

Silent and reliable

It is a solid-state heat generator, without fluids or moving parts, thus practically eliminating the possibility of noises and reducing the chance of malfunctions to zero.


Thermoglance is a “plug & play” device that can be fitted easily to the wall or flooring. Once installed, it just has to be connected up to a normal electric socket.


different dimensions and powers for all room requirements
Glass radiator 600x400

Glass radiator 600x400

15 kg - 200 watt
Glass radiator 400x1000

Glass radiator 400x1000

20 kg - 330 watt
Glass radiator 600x800

Glass radiator 600x800

22 kg - 450 watt
Glass radiator 400x1500

Glass radiator 400x1500

26 kg - 510 watt
Glass radiator 600x1200

Glass radiator 600x1200

31 kg - 700 watt
Glass radiator 600x1500

Glass radiator 600x1500

37 kg - 900 watt